Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All meeting Candidates in the Sandy Hill community centre

Tonight at the Sandy Hill community centre, the Candidate for the Green Party of Canada ridiculed human rights.
After a gentleman asked where the parties stood in terms of violation of human rights in China, Mr. Akbar Manoussi looked to his both sides and asked with the smirk:” Is there any Chinese here?” The other candidates looked at him wondering what he was doing even Mr. BĂ©langer, the Liberal candidate who earlier defended Manoussi when he was asked about his involvement with the Iranian regime by several Canadian-Iranians in the crowd, looked at him and frowned.
The concern that the Iranian community in Ottawa had was how and why an affiliate of a brutal and Fundamentalist regime such as the Iranian regime which is against human rights, environment… and tortured, raped and murdered Canadian photojournalist, Zahra Kazemi, could represent the Green Party of Canada, a pro environment, human rights and … entity.
The very presence of Manoussi in the Green party is a threat to our democracy and should alarm the people in the Ottawa/Vanier riding and the whole nation for that matter who enjoy freedom and democracy in this country. Our national security is at risk and the party leaders must be careful, vigilant and act responsible. They must not allow an affiliate of a regime which is anti human rights and the supporter of terrorism, abuse our democratic system. For that reason Iranian-Canadians from different political views showed up to appose Mr. Manoussi’s candidacy in the Green Party tonight.
There is no question that a member of Taliban or a Nazi supporter could not become a candidate for a Canadian political party so why our Canadian politicians are so indifferent regarding the Iranian regime’s infiltration in democracy in this county?
It seemed that a few of the candidates were indifferent about the human rights in Iran.
According to the Iranian regime’s officials, in one city alone (Mashhad) 500 people await executions, presently tens of journalists, human rights activists are imprisoned and are on hunger strike. Women activists who appose the state supported polygamy are under watchful eye of the SSF (State Security Forces) or in prison.
Oct. 7, 2008

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